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We used the services of Classe' Meetings during May 2018 for a 25th anniversary event in Lake George. Trina was very organized, meticulous with detail and creative. The event was a rousing success and we cannot thank Trina enough for the direction and her expertise.

Rosemary Shader

Market Development Leader

"Super creative and tenacious down to every detail, that is how I would describe Trina. You can always count on Trina to deliver - and respectfully manage others to that end as well.  What always amazes me is that she can come up with creative ideas and solutions that appear considerably more expensive relative to the cost. I have worked and traveled along side Trina for many years and I can say without a doubt that some of my biggest laughs and most memorable times are because of her.  She is a generous and caring individual with a wide network. People simply want to be around Trina and I believe that is one of her secrets to success to make things happen.  If you are looking for a high caliber event planner that you can rely on to get the job done with flare on deadline and save you money you have found her."

George Formes
Senior Agent, Farm Family, Singer / Tenor
"Trina is a hands on planner. Whenever Trina is involved you can be sure everything will go as expected or exceed expectations. I have performed at events where Trina has been in change and will continue to do so. I highly recommend Trina."

Gary Zell
General Agent, Farm Family Insurance Companies

"I have had the pleasure of working directly with Trina on numerous occasions. There is no doubt in my mind that Trina is the very best event planner on the planet. It's not just that she has planned for every detail in advance, rather it's her professionalism when the unexpected inevitably appears. Trina's pleasant demeanor and kind soul are why I will never work an event that she has not coordinated."

Lewis Dufort
Sr. VP - Ag/Commercial Sales at American National Insurance & Farm Family
"Trina has a high level of knowledge, skill and expertise in meeting and event planning. Her attention to detail and focus on customer service is outstanding. Attendees at meetings and events that Trina coordinates and manages regularly leave very satisfied and it is customary for her to receive high point assessments on follow-up surveys. Trina is the BEST of the best!"

Deborah Davis
Administrative Assistant at Farm Family Insurance Companies
"I have worked with Trina on several corporate events and local events in our community. She is very detailed oriented, budget conscious and creative. I would highly recommend her".

Jessica Tripoli
Associate Director of Communications at French American International School
"I can’t say enough about Trina’s strong work ethic, commitment to meeting her clients’ needs, and positive attitude. I’m amazed by the amount of work involved in planning an event from conception to execution, and Trina never misses a beat – all the while maintaining an upbeat personality, remaining calm and handling any onsite issues behind the scenes so attendees don’t notice a thing."

Thomas Kolberg

Northeast Regional Director, Insurance Company in New York's Capital District

"I have relied heavily on Trina for arranging the meeting and tending to a myriad of details.  She has never disappointed me.  She takes her role seriously and is very good at keeping me and my 12 person management team on track for our events.  I recommend her highly for anyone who needs an outstanding event planner."

Cathy Place

Director of Multiple Line Education, Training and Support

"Trina Avalos worked for me for many years as the meeting planner for our agent schools.  Trina handled everything from registration, to hotels, to meals and transportation.  Knowing that Trina was handling all the meeting details allowed me to focus on the content of the training sessions at school.  Having Trina on your team allows you to sleep well at night!  Her attention to detail and service to clients is extraordinary.  Trina always received accolades in the surveys our attendees completed.  I enthusiastically recommend you hire Trina for your next event."

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